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    For the past month or two I have experienced very slow response time when typing in the Calendar function. Specifiically, when I press a key, it takes several seconds for something to show up on the screen! Oddly, this is not a problem in any other application. In fact, it work fine when typing a note in a calendar's just when typing in an actual event that this occurs. My calendar syncs with my company's calendar system which uses Oracle Calendar 9.0.4

    Does anyone have any soultions to this ? It's painfully frustrating!!!!
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    Yes, I had this a long time ago. I believe it has to do with the database file being corrupted. I say this because once I deleted the database and used a new one everything was fine. I'm not familiar with Oracle Calendar but try deleting the file off your Treo and resynchronizing to OC. The file you want to delete is "CalendarDB-PDat".

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    I had this problem until I realized that it was related to not uninstalling DateBook by Pimlico software correctly. If you have every used this program, it might be the problem.

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