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    Hi All,

    I have some .mp3 files on the card in my 650, I would like to send by Bluetooth to a friend's phone.

    Where are these files stored; can't seem to find them in any sort of list!

    Can the transfer be done, or do I need third party software?

    (I can receive ok; sending is the issue).

    Thanks in Advance!
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    A freeware application such as FileZ (Google for it) installed on your device (you can install it to the card) will facilitate sending files to the other device. The MP3 files are located on the card in the AUDIO folder.

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    Thanks, will try.
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    my filez version 5.21 doesnt have BT sending option. rescoexplorer does it, but it costs money and then there was some free program that used to do it too, i cant find it at the moment, nor can i remember
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    Then grab V6.8.3 - from

    To get to Bluetooth, find the file, highlight the file, tap Send and up pops a pop-up with Beam/Bluetooth/and whatever else might be appropriate for sending.


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