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    I own a Treo 680 unlocked GSM bought in Mexico. I used it before with my Bluetooth GPS and as a Bluetooth modem for my laptop without problems, but after I upgraded to the Treo680-1.12-TOW my GPS goes undetected by PathAway and my computer says there is a hardware problem with my modem. A generic GPS tester however correctly detects the GPS. I assume the upgrade is the source of my problems because it was clearly related in time, and both "uses" failed at the same time (I can't not explain however how GPS tester still detects the GPS).

    I called support and they said it was my fault because the upgrade was designed for the american GPS. I didn't see any warning however neither in the website or in the program.

    Anyway, my problem now is I can't use my Treo 680 for two of its more useful functions. Any idea?
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    Completely misleading title.. You didn't lose bluetooth, sounds like you need to reconfigure things.
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    Go to the Pathaway site and read the forum there. Instead of selecting "bluetooth" in the port, select "rfcn"

    This isn't perfect but you will connect.

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    Thanks for your help!. Pathaway doesn't show me an "rfcn" option. It shows however four options with a little box instead of text. I selected the first of those and it worked. Thanks again.

    I will check the Pathaway site. Do you have any reference for this fix? I would like to look for options for my problem with the DUN capabilities.

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