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    I'm back Baby!!!!!!
    Picked up a AT&T Centro today. First Palm unit in 2-3 years.
    The iPhone will be my multimedia device for Tunes and Movies, and Centro my Business device. It's like coming home and using all the old programs that I loved (Datebk5, Streaming radio stations and music on Pocket Tunes, Games, games, games).
    I've used Blackberrys and Windows Mobile devices for last 2 years, iPhone the last 6 months (alternating with Blackberry Curve). The Curve is gone, and a more customizable Palm Centro in it's place to alternate with the iPhone. I don't really need Blackberry email instantly, every 30 min. is fine. I really love a REAL keyboard (but small on this baby- still getting used to that).

    The iPhone is great for syncing with iTunes, and watching movies and TV (I ripped myself-no rentals here Jobs)! The iPhone STILL doesn't have a basic Tasks and Memo 2 way sync and programable alarms. Crazy for a $400 phone. It just can't be trusted to run a busy day. I'll use it for an expensive entertainment device and keep my SIM in the Centro for everyday use! I hope it lasts- it is a quick and responsive device so far...
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    I want one .. unlocked..
    Treo 180, 300, 600, 650, still regretting the 680, Centro, ...
    Waiting for the next worthy smart-phone while test-driving an iPhone for the last 3 months.
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    So really u have a iPod touch and a Centro. Me too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rubso View Post
    I want one .. unlocked..
    I just called a couple of local AT&T corporate stores, and had them hold one. Even thought it hasn't been "officially" released (until tomorrow), the stores are selling them.
    Have Fun. MobiTv works fine over the EDGE network, the buffering and higher memory must help. Slight studdering on sports, fine for news and slower movement video. My kids loved watching streaming cartoons when I had MobiTv previously. I like the weather channel and Fox Sports and News!

    Another thing that the iPhone can't do (yet) - stream live TV and radio!!!!!!!
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    They're just tech Toys Folks, There IS a higher power.

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