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    I have never owned a smartphone, PDA, palm, windows mobile device in my life.

    I'm a technology buff however never got around to the PDA buzz. Everyone in my profession has a palm or smartphone, and they use it religioiusly. I'm currently a medical doctor doing internal medicine.

    I was the type of person who either carried around a pocketguide or thought they could memorize their schedule of the upcoming weeks.

    I'm a proud ATT user (however I do feel Verizon has the best service where I live). I was a Sprint owner while living in Kansas City for 6 years however I realized Sprint where I currently live now is less than to be desired.

    I thought about picking up a treo windows or POS several months ago however the size is a big turnoff (sorry I don't want to wear a holster maybe in a few years). Then I heard about the centro in August of 2007 and have been waiting patiently since.


    1. Function: Damn, this POS is so intuitive and easy to use. I have never used a PDA in my life, but everytime I thought to myself, I wish I could do this. . .I actually found a way to do it. It's so nice having everything at your disposal. But let's move on to other subjects b/c I don't want to be a POS vs windows debate.

    2. Speed: First, the internet on EDGE is still pretty darn fast. Yes, it's no 3G, however I owned a Blackberry Pearl before this, and the internet seems a billion times faster on the centro. I was able to go from yahoo to espn to google quickly. Second, the OS speed itself is truly nice, yes once in awhile I got a little lag just like a computer, but this has happened twice and nothing that really horrifies me. This happened on my blackberry too so I'm not turned off.

    3. Form factor: God it's sweet. Do not look at pics of a treo 680/750/755 compared to the centro. It will not do it justice. Go hold one and especially without the little chain attachmenet behind it that you will find at ATT. It feels so much lighter and easier to grasp. I leave in my pocket and it's not some disgusting bulge. Let me tell you guys this, the keys on the 680 are still too small for me to use the heel of my thumb, I must resort to using my thumb edge. And I have pretty small hands. If you use the edge of your thumbs to type on the 680, u won't notice a difference. I've played around with my brother's 755p for the last 2 months so I know how to handle them.

    4. Color: If you are bringing this into a business meeting, yeah you might get some looks for having a white phone, but some ppl have white mac notebooks so I don't see the difference. Remember, I work in the hospital - a very professional environment. I have gotten nothing but compliments. If you are truly worried, wait for the black one. The White polish seems so clean and fresh.

    5. Phone: Everyone I speak to keep asking me, "Did you get a new phone?" I ask them why, they say b/c I sound so much better now. Remember, it's all about your carrier alot of times. But I am in the same area with a new phone and it sounds so much better.

    There are not perfect smartphones. Each and everyone is different, person and phone. However, if you share any of my views, then this is the phone to get.

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    Cool review!
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    Nice review. Good to hear a fellow doctor enjoying a Centro Doctors here use the Treo and its refreshing to see one using a Centro this time. Load it up with ePocrates and other medical stuff and you'll love it even more

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