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    I was wondering if anyone can help me find the files that I need to remove the BUILTIN drive on my treo 680, I tried the drive mode files from the T5 and the program that uses was made for the TE, and now I cant get rid of the builtin drive, unless I do a hard reset, and then they thing shows back up once I sync, any help would be great
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    You can't "delete" BuiltIn (A) from the device because it is a default RAM volume.

    In it, there is Blazer Cache, DCIM, this is where photos and videos are stored that is in device memory and there is Palm_DM, this is a complete list of apps and files you have in the RAM.

    So a hard reset restores the default folders and files.

    You can use a file manager to delete stuff you put in there. But there is no way to delete the BuiltIn (A) RAM volume from the device.

    Perhaps you can be more specific on what you want to do.....

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    It shows builtin as a storage option, for example internal, builtin, and storage card, ever since I tried to put drive mode on my treo my pocket tunes does not play right and I think it is looking for builtin
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    Hooboy.. I dunno about what software you have installed, but BUILTIN is as it says; built in. You aren't going to get rid of it.
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    pTunes looks for music files that are in a AUDIO folder that should be in your cards root directory.

    It won't work to put music files in BuiltIn (A). You will end up filling the RAM with files that pTunes won't use.

    If you don't have an expansion card, now is the time to get one.

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    I fixed it (and yes I do have a memory card), I had to delete applications in my backup folder, then I just added the programs I use on a regular basis.

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