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    My treo crashed last night and now i'm getting some weird side issues, like my phone taking a longer time to start up and when it does, it seems to dial my last called number every time.

    When the "PALM OS" operating screen comes on, i get a popup about enabling "Lightspeed-Yes No". When i hit "yes", nothign really happens, but then I go to the "Treo Welcome screen", then back to the "Palm OS/Enable Lightspeed" screen. Whether I hit "yes/no", it then dials the number.

    has anyone else had this problem? I don't know what to do.
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    I had the same thing happened to me. I blamed it on Garmin Mobile XT, once I removed it everything was back to normal. Luckily the people I called on reboot were friends who sleep very soundly...
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    I can't figure out which program is causing it-I had Garmin Mobile XT on, but deleted it long time before this problem arose.
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    Success! For the last few days (for some reason) I enabled Lightspeed to ask about being enabled at reset, which was causing the delay/phone number dial. Not sure why.

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