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    I give up on anyone creating the cellphone I really want. I love my 650 but need larger screen for websites. The VX6800 for example is still too small a screen. So can I get a PDA that will let me do BT DUN (Verizon) to get to Internet? Anyone actually doing that? Suggestions for PDA would be welcomed... needs to:

    Do DUN bluetooth with my 650
    Do Skype over wifi
    Work with MS Office docs
    Do Powerpoint
    Go all day on a charge

    Thaks folks. Been lovin this 650 for two years and see nothing out there that has me reaching for my wallet.
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    Maybe an ultra portable laptop? Sony has the vaio TZ series, and while they are expensive they would also do everything you want and probably more. They are also incredibly light, in the 2.5 pound range if I remember correctly.
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    Are you using Opera Mini 4? It makes browsing somewhat tolerable.
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    Thanks guys... the ultraportables are intersting but still a bit big. I am looking for something that goes in the suitcoat pocket. I had tried Opera Mini but found install challenging. I think I got hung up trying to find the java base thingie I need... I am thinking pda is as big as I want to get... so I guess I will wait here and see if anyone is working BT Dun with a pda... I would not want to be limited to when I can get wifi...
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    Don't have the Office and Powerpoint connections yet,
    but the Nokia N800 and N810 make great Treo companions.
    I bought my N810 to replace my Tungsten C.
    That didn't happen, a Treo 650 replaced the C, but my N810
    and a Bluetooth keyboard has replaced my laptop outside the house.
    Good web browsing and Skype, excellent media playing and VNC.
    Good battery life, and easy battery swaps.
    Linux, more or less.

    Can't speak to the DUN by personal experience, but I'm told it works. is where they talk.

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