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    Hi there!

    Any idea if the Centro (GSM unlocked) will support HC Cards?

    The specs only say microSD card - up to 4GB supported

    Thanks & Ciao!

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    I'm using a SanDisk Micro SDHC 8GB...No probs.

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    I second that. my 6gb works great
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    whats this deal about cards larger than 4 gig working strangely?

    I have heard that they don't always show up properly, but they still work. Can you still access all the information like pictures for example?
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    The Centro is like a Speedometer that only goes up to 80. You can still drive faster, but the speedometer will still only show 80. You have to recall that even though the Centro came out in October, when it was under development there wasn't any micro cards above 4GB. Technology is moving faster then these phones can change. So, the problem comes in that the Centro was designed to read a max of 4 GB. Nevertheless, you can store more on there. Music and video files you can fill the card with and they will be recognized. The only issue will be that some app software will only see up to the first 4 GB of memory. Generally its not a big deal though, just like the speedometer.
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    The Centro is like a Speedometer that only goes up to 80. You can still drive faster, but the speedometer will still only show 80.
    I love your take on this Treo Muskateers! Very cute and makes sense.
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    An October development date has nothing to do with it. I had a fullsize 8gb SDHC card back in late 2006.

    The REAL problem lies in the anqiauated Garnet OS that Palm has used since 2002 and still uses today in all of their non-Windows Mobile smartphones uses 32-bit addressing for its storage disks. This handicaps all storage volumes, whether a Microdrive like the old LifeDrive or an external expansion card, to be seen in 4gb (or smaller) "blocks". So an 8gb SDHC card is seen as two contiguous
    4gb "blocks".

    Certain apps (including the card info app, PTunes etc) react differently to 6/8gb cards than do other apps....but for my own mental well-being, I'd just try to stuff it onto a 4 gig card or carry 2x4gb cards instead of dealing with the potential of "unseen" space on a 6gb+ card.

    It's likely that this 32-bit addressing (it's not a FAT32 problem, as some have claimed) problem could be hacked/worked around, but Palm is notoriously arrogant and stingy when it comes to spending ANY R&D $ on "their" OS. In fact, I think the entire reason Palm so quickly retreated from fullsizse SDHC (700p/680) to miniSDHC (750 & 755p) to microSD (Centro) is to try and "hide" the 4gb cap by retreating to cards that are not only physically smaller but with smaller maximum capacities as well. Right now microSDHC is at 8gb, miniSDHC is likely stuck forever at 4gb and yet fullsizse SDHC is basically up to 32gb with 16gb cards being widespread and affordable. Palm probably figures they can coast through '08 at 4gb and Garnet will go off to die a quiet death once Nova and WinMob occupy their lineup next year.

    P.S. Wanting an easy "new feature" to try to differentiate the 755p from the 700p as well as being in cahoots with Sandisk et al are always plausible reasons for regressing to smaller, slower, costlier, and more fragile memory card formats!
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    Well, its happened about 4 times in 6 days. The Centro doesn't see my 6gb sdhc card.
    I just bought a 4gb micro sdhc. I will keep you all posted. I hope this isn't going to be a on going problem.
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    sounds like trouble smileyboy...

    any read/write accidents on the computer? i have had 2 SDHC cards die on me and i have since been VERY careful... thats what sucks about SDHC formats.. they seem to be more sensitive to static changes.

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