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    I love my fiance's S9 but I've heard it's not sweat reistant...hers has helf up to 6-months of running...but I'm a super-sweater. lol Anyway...anyone recomend one that will hold up to sweat and not fall off?
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    I'm interested in this too.

    Any BT stereo waterproof headset with "behind the ear" clip-on's? Ear-buds don't stay on in my ears.
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    I have an S9 and absolutely love it--however I have not used any other headset so my perspective is narrow.

    I myself am not a heavy sweater but I do shave my head so the sweat that I do produce during a run collects on my bald head and rolls right on down. That said, I have yet to have any issues with my S9 regarding sweat.

    I don't know if it is the shape of my head, the size or just the way it is . . . but, the headset does not stay firm on my head while running (normal walking is fine). To compensate I simply wear a headband or hat (depending on the weather) to help hold it in place. That works great and helps collect the sweat as well!
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    That's wired (not Bluetooth), right?
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    well, My S9 just died- I do not recommend them- many users seemto be returning them and getting replacements that also short out- I am going back to the iTech I35 w/ Sony yellow sports earbuds - a small dongle but more water resistant and better sound...
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    I and my gf's father have S9's. No problem, so far.

    I bike with mine on and sweat hasn't been a factor.
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