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    Often (a few times a week) I find my phone prompting me to "Prepare Vision Services." Sometimes It is responsive, and I can choose to either continue, or cancel. Other times, however, it seems to hang at the prompt screen. In any case, whether I cancel or accept, the message comes back a few days later. When I do let it continue it seems to complete the provisioning successfully.m The real problem is that from the point it starts to prompt until I NOTICE that it has prompted, the phone doesn't accept calls or SMS messages.

    I have installed the 1.07 firmware update, and done hard resets. I've had the problem before and after both.

    I know I saw a post on here about it once, but no one had any information.

    I tried calling Sprint a few months back about this (November) and they suggested I simply get a replacement phone. As this 755p has been otherwise stable I'm not sure I'm ready to get a (likely refurbished) replacement phone right now if there are other options.

    Anyone know what causes this prompt to show? Anyone know what would make the phone think it had lost provisioning? All data/voice works.....
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    Its a common problem across several Treo models, with Sprint. Some have had to get a factory reset and then reset provisioning services for it to stop. I was able to take care of mine (I went from it occurring a couple times a day to four times in the past two months - so while it is not completely gone, it is manageable), by doing backing everything up, doing a hard reset, then typing ##3282# and hit the menu key. About four items down, there is a button to Update Vision Services. Hit that, let it do its thing and hopefully it will be better. If not, call Sprint and ask to speak to upper tier tech and tell them you need to reprovision your phone, which I believe includes a factory reset.


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