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    I'm at a loss here and hoping someone can help me. My genres are messed up!

    Not all of them, but many of them. I'm attaching a snapshot so you can see what I mean.

    I've checked the files and the properties are correct. I tried relabeling one or two to see if that fixed the issue and it does not.

    Any ideas why some of my genres are getting thrown into numbered folders, etc. BTW, the numbers have nothing to do with how may artists/songs are in that folder
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    Hmmm, I had never bothered to look at my genres....but it seems mine is a bit quirky looking. I haven't installed my screen shot app yet, but this is how mine looks:


    None of my areas have numbers associated with them - just folders next to them, with the exception of the first one indicated. *shrugs* It doesn't appear to be cause a problem with functionality so it doesn't bother me, but I'm interested to see if anyone has any input in this regard. I never play music according to genre anyway, only album, artist or playlist. I would've likely never realized this without this post.

    Aside from this, are you experiencing any problems with PTunes?
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    Well hello again!

    No, I'm not experiencing any other issues with pTunes. SAG sometimes, but not PTunes as far as I can tell.

    I rarely use Genre to play music, either. But since I only have one playlist created and synced so far ("All"), Genre would have made for a nice shortcut in a pinch. I generally don't like listening to an entire album or artist...I need to mix it up. And I haven't really taken the time to create any more playlists.

    Are you syncing with WMP? Any tips or shortcuts? What version?

    Oh, and how are you feeling today...better I hope.
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    I'm feeling slightly better, thanks for asking. A few more drugs (legal ones of course, lol) and I hope to be feeling much better.

    No, I don't use WMP. I'm an iTunes girl. but I pretty much just copy and paste my music onto my card by album or playlist.

    You've got me curious now, as to why this is happening. Never had this happen on my TX.
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    OHD: You have a PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by French View Post
    OHD: You have a PM.
    Got it, and replied.
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    I occasionally have that happen on my systems. I notice it on the treo but when I look at the source computer files, I notice it there. Mine seems to happen when WMP adds them to the library.
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    So are you saying WMP is "changing" them? Because in the tag editor there is nothing wrong with them.
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    I sent an inquiry to NormSoft about the genre issue. Here is their response:

    Quote Originally Posted by Normsoft
    Let's try something different. I would like you to delete the 'Pocket Tunes Song Database' file. Download FileZ (available for free with search) and install it onto your Palm. Open FileZ and tap the 'View and Edit Files' button. In the 'Internal' folder, locate the file 'Pocket Tunes Song Database'. Select it by tapping on it, then select Delete from the FileZ menu and delete the file. Then open Pocket Tunes again, it should no longer reset. Pocket Tunes will rebuild the song database the first time you open it. Let's see what happens if Pocket Tunes rebuilds the song database.
    I have no idea why the statement in blue was included since I didn't complain of resets, so I'm thinking they leveraged an answer to something else. Regardless, by the time I got this response I had manually gone in and looked at each and every genre that was listed as an issue (by song). So mine is cleaned up and I'm afraid to try this for fear it could put me back to where I was. So someone else that has messed up genres...will you give this a try and report back if it works? It could save countless people lots of time. My process last night was rather painful.

    BTW...Normsoft responded in an incredibly timely manner, exchanging e-mails with me between the hours of 8:30 - 11:30 pm EST, on a Sunday! So they were very responsive. I'm just impatient.
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    I foudn that WMP was changing them. If you use WMP to look at them, it will autocorrect itself. V1 of the ID3 tag format used a number to correspond to a genre. Country I think was 2. (or else it was Bluegrass). I was finding WMP was substituting 2 for the text Country. Occasionally I would get (2)Country. Now when you open it in WMP, it will automatically change (2) and (2)Country to the text version Country.
    I found this out using MP3 Tag Tools that shows you exactly what is in that field without autocorrecting. All of my MP3s get run through that program (I use it to add the pictures) prior to sending them to the directory that WMP watches so I konw they are correct prior to WMP adding them to the library. If they are wrong later, WMP has done something to them. I find this usually occurs when WMP adds them to the library.

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