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    I continue to get freeze but almost always overnight on my SPRINT 755p. That is, I wake up to a ""dead" phone--no light on the screen no response to ANY button no matter how long I wait. A soft reset fixes all of that but I could miss calls/alarms while is is dead. Why does it happen overnight never while I am using the phone as best as I can recall or during the day.

    I have done the f/w upgrade (happened before and since).

    Any ideas? I do have business connect on the phone. How does dbfixit work?


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    I would suggest a hard reset to dump the RAM and go at least 2 or 3 days without adding any software to check for any freeze ups or odd behavior.

    If the device works without issues, then you had something installed that was causing the problem. Now you have to determine what it was that was causing the freeze up.

    DBFixit scans all your database files for deletion records, blobs and errors. It needs to be registered to fix errors.

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    Thanks treotraveler. I had thought about that, but I need at least business connect (BC PE) to keep up with my work email. Also, it could go a whole week w/o a freeze so a test is difficult, yet I may try it w/ just BCPE.

    Someone wrote about the freezes being caused by Sprint signal variations. I wonder, for mine happen only at night, but while the phone is in a normally very strong signal location. Yet, as I reported here, one morning I woke to a frozen phone and after a soft reset, I could not make any call due to low signal strength (which returned to normal after a while). I bet Palm and/or Sprint know the cause of all this but will not tell.

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    Sounds like a corrupt saved preferences file. Here's what I suggest:
    1. Backup your phone with NVBackup
    2. Do a hard reset
    3. Re-build your phone the way you like.
    4. Go for a few days and see if your problem persists.

    If that resolves your problem, copy your Saved Preferences file to a new directory on your card using Filez. Whenever your Saved Preferences file starts to grow in size, restore it.
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    Many thanks, RJ. Two questions, please.

    1. Does it matter if I use BackupBuddy (not sure why you specified NVBackup).

    2. If after doing a hard reset I do a sync restore, then will not my Saved Preferences from before the reset be put back onto the phone? Should I do a selective restore of some sort?

    Finally, can I just delete my Saved Preferences file and have it rebuilt? I doubt this and trust it is not too stupid a question.

    Many thanks again.

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    Are you using IM?
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    what method did you use when you did the update? is it the desktop method or the sdcard method?
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    I am not using IM, never touch the stuff did not even d/l the prog. Also I do not use BT (yet anyway)

    I did update with desktop and a simple sync (I should have used my backupbuddy rather than the sync, but I have recovered).

    The dead freezes continue (but not many) since as before the update. The strange thing is that they seem to happen only overnight and they are really dead, no button works even if pushed and let for some time AFAICT. Hence, I do a soft reset and all is well with the world. BUT while phone is dead it will not receive calls or sound alarms.

    I have a lot of the usual stuff in apps and also use Business Connect PE (I doubt many 755 users have that one now). But I doubt that is the cause; it pulls e-mails after receiving an invisible SMS. It uses Seven technology for you tech types.

    Oh well, just interested in whether other get the DEAD FREEZE. So far only one person has said he does.

    Thanks for the interest.


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