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    The option to assign ringtones on my 650 does not show up on my Alltel 755.
    How do I assign ringtones to a number.
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    I have used minitones to create mp3 ringtones and then selected the one(s) of my choice as my designated ringtone for known, unknown and roaming calls in the "sounds" app.

    For individual persons (pg 45 of the manual) gives instructions that you can refer to when needed. Open your contact page for the person and under the picture area you will see "ringtone." Tap on the drop down menu and select the one of your choice. As I indicated above you can use programs like minitones (and many others) to create your own mp3 ringtones, which will then be in menu to chose from.

    Have fun assigning ringtones!
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    I have the Alltel 755 and if I go into edit a contact the select ringtone is directly under the picture option.

    Now, if you're talking about applying a song to a ringtone, minitones would be the way to go.

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