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    I am using Browse-It (2.0) with my ThinModem and a Prism. Does anbody know of a third party software that will save a picture that you are viewing on the internet? I am aware of how to view the picture full size by holding the stylus on the image for 3 seconds. I am looking for some way to save that image, like when using a computer and Netscape or Internet Explorer and right clicking on the image it gives you the option to save the image. I know there are some programs out there that enable you to save a screen shot off of the Visor, but am looking for something that would actually save the entire image, even if it is larger than the screen. That way I could view the image by using something like Club Photo's AlbumToGo, that lets you view jpegs on the Visor. Any assistance is much appreciated, Thanks!
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    Does anybody know the answer to this???
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    Originally posted by d_bohne
    Does anybody know the answer to this???
    Use Diddlebug and Diddlebug ScreenHack: It will allow you to do a screen capture. I'm not sure is Diddlebug supports color, as I've only got an edge..

    ...btw: your name's resemblance to mine creeps me out!
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    thanks for replying. i was hoping that there'd be something where you can save the entire image, even if it's larger than the screen. is this possible with any software?
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    How about BugMe Messenger from Electric Pocket, at

    A bit $$$$ for just this use, however. There is a free-trial period/free version that does not include this capability, I think.
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