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    Our company's Good Messaging Server went belly up. We loaded up a new server with the newest version. All attempts to reprovision our company's phones for the new server fail because the users still appear to be provisioned on the old server.

    We do not have a technical support contract through Good. I know that if we did, it would be a simple matter of having them clear out the accounts on their end and remove the old server. Regular customer support was useless.

    Are there any other options??

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    Good tech support is practically invisible.

    You just need to hope that one of the regular contributors to this forum--which on occassion includes GoodGuy--can help you out.
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    Unfortunately, i don't think GMM has any provisions for a situation as yours.

    Basically Motorola has to delete your server account and all the client accounts associated with that server. Otherwise you'll experience the problems that you see right now.

    I am thinking that they may clear out the account and server free of charge... Give it a try..

    Another avenue to try is to call the carrier on one of the lines that has GMM on it and explain the situation to them... they might be able to provide some assistance.
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    Z- What is your company's Disaster Recovery Plan? In the event of a failure (HDD failure, server smokes, data center loses internet connectivity etc), what procedures do you have in place?

    On way is if a server fails and service can not be restored promptly, you should be able to bring up another GMS, give it the same instance name as the failed one but dont start services. Copy (dont move) the users cache folders under the GMS name to the new server. Once copied, start services and the service should be restored. Users may have to do a reprov however it is very likely that if done right, they wont. If they do need a reprov, their accounts are still on the server (saves you a headache of manually re-adding them).

    I recommend having a spare server fully built just like the primary GMS (same build, h\w, security patches etc) to use as a failover server.

    Good has documented this in more depth at
    and their main GMM 5.0 doc page is found at

    Good luck. It looks harder than it feels like right now but you will have happy users tapping away in no time.
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    @ Z - are your users back up and running?

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