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    I just got a Bluetooth dongle for my HP Laptop, running Vista 32. I'm running the latest version of Palm Desktop and Hotsync (v7.02). i can sync successfully with the USB cable but not with the Bluetooth.

    I have it set up so that my 700P can see the computer and vice versa through Bluetooth, but I can't get it to Hotsync. I get the error message that the connection cannot be established.

    While the Hotsync is trying to happen, the center of the Bluetooth symbol in the system tray turns from white to blue....but nothing happens.

    I have the 700P set to sync via serial port. The Hotsync screen on my 700P shows the Bluetooth ID of my laptop where it usually shows "serial"...and the computer ID shows up in "trusted devices".

    The Hotsync Setup utility on my laptop also has "serial" checked and there are a bunch of serial ports available........WHICH ONE DO I USE ??? I think I've tried them all with no success.

    If I clear out the established connections from both devices and start over, and initiate the Bluetooth connection from the Treo, I get windows on both devices asking for passkey numbers....I have no I idea what the passkey is....but I guessed "0000" for both devices...which seems to work. However, if I first tell the Bluetooth on the laptop to look for the Treo finds it, but then it tries to set up a dial-up modem on serial port #40. ?????????????..........there are 10 serial ports available, but #40 is not available.

    When I look in my laptop's control panel, "Bluetooth Local COM" I see all the same serial ports as in the Hotsync setup. One is labeled "local com-client", one is labeled "local com-server", the next five are labeled "Information Exchanger" and the last three are named "HSP Manager".

    What do I do to make Hotsync work???

    Warren C.
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    Warren C.
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    Any old code should do. The big hang up is probably matching the comm ports and making sure that Bluetooth is enabled in the hot sync manager. The comm port shown in the hot sync manager has to match the comm port used by the Bluetooth manager. Once you work the comm ports out, it will work fine. I sync via Bluetooth exclusively.

    As a note, I have two 17" Vista Home Premium laptops, an Acer and a Gateway. The Acer uses a Bluetooth adapter and the Gateway has an internal Bluetooth adapter. The Acer with its external plug-in the USB port Bluetooth adapter is by far the easier one to use.

    As for picking the right one, the definition configuration varies so much. My suggestion is to start at maybe 4 and then give 6 a try, so on. Good luck. After you get it configured, using it is a breeze.

    My serial port on the Gateway is set to 6, the Bluetooth manager is set to 6 for incoming. So, good luck.

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    I thought about triny yo set this up since I got a dongle w/my headset the other day, but is BT fastr than USB? Or what is the advantage to BT?
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    Bluetooth is the slowest of the available syncing methods available. The advantage though: no cables. The disadvantage(s): speed, initial setup and the occasional need to verify settings.

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    BT also lets you walk around (~ 15 20 feet) while it does its job. For me I can start the H/S then walk up to our bedroom, plug in the treo and go on with life at the end of the day.
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    Look at the threads below. Cant remember his handle but he posted his version of the H/S. I think it was called Ver. 7. As I recall, you install the latest hotsync from palm then "upgrade it to his Ver 7. Then go ahead and choose USB/bluetooth in H/S manager and you will be good to go.
    Make sure you have the latest BT stack and drivers installed in your vista PC.
    This even works for a 64bit Vista.
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    Here is the link. Would serve well to save it on a folder in your PC. Had to go look and LOOK for it.

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