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    I just recently switched from a Tungsten T5 to a Treo 700p. I am very disappointed to learn that the first page of favorites are locked in place and that I can't rearrange them, or even remove them. Is there anyway to unlock these? Any third party app that will give me that ability?


    Daryl Rose
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    If you highlight a particular favorite and use the drop down menu (lower right button) a selection to edit the favorites is available. Edit away..........
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    Do you mean bookmarks, this happened when I switched from the 650 to the 700 all my bookmarks that I had saved became locked and I can delete my old ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tedcas View Post
    If you highlight a particular favorite and use the drop down menu (lower right button) a selection to edit the favorites is available. Edit away..........
    Sorry Tedcas, whenever I try to edit the "predefined" favorites, I am told that they are locked and I can not edit or move them. I can however, add new favorites and move them around, but I can't move or change the ones that Palm predefined.


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    You can change the "locked" phone favorites.

    You need to use Filez or Resco Explorer to go into the RAM, then to PhoneFavorites2DB file.

    Using view mode, select the locked Rec# you want to delete and delete it. Then save the edit.

    Rec#0 is the favorite on the top left, Rec#1 is the favorite on the top right, Rec#2 is the second favorite down on the left, Rec#3 is the second favorite down on the right and so on.

    Then go into phone favorites and select another app or function for that spot you just opened up.

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    Thanks Treotraveler, thats exactly what I needed to know.

    It really frosts me that Palm locked those down. How presumptuous of them thinking that is the way "I" want the favorites ordered. I've been very unhappy with this phone, and that is another reason why for me to move on. Next year when my service contract is up, I think that its time to look into something else. I've been a loyal Palm user for many, many years, but this is the last. I've been reading so many "unhappy" postings, mostly on this site, and Palm is unresponsive to the users. If Palm can't or wont address these issues, then I will no longer be a loyal customer.

    Thanks for the help.

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    HMMM.... I'm not having much luck here. I opened up FileZ and found PhoneFavorites2DB, but that is as far as I can get. I don't see a view mode, any record numbers, Rec#0 etc... Is there something that I'm missing, or do I have to use Resco Explorer to do this?


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    Filez and Resco Explorer work to edit the PhoneFavorites2DB file. I have used both on various Palm OS devices.

    Since you have Files. open Filez and select View and Edit Files for Internal.

    Scroll to PhoneFavorites2DB file and put a check mark on the left of the file name. Press the device menu button and select 'Edit' from the menu options.

    A Filez screen will open displaying the Rec#'s From Rec#0 to whatever. The total number of records will depend on how many favorites you have in there.

    Highlight the Rec# you want to delete and tap delete.

    When you go back to Phone Favorites after editing the file, you will now see blank slots where the "locked" favorites were.

    Select those blank slots and put another favorite in that slot.

    Once the "locked" favorites are removed, you can edit Phone Favorites without using Filez to edit that slot again......

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    Thanks Treotraveler. I must have missed the "edit" option earlier. I got now.



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