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    i'm an IT consultant (ok ok... ppl pay me to fix their computer problems!lol) and i have a client who just purchased a treo650 and wants me to transfer all their PIM data from the old PDA to her new 650

    believe it or not... i've never done that before!

    so - i'm asking the experts!


    here's what we've got - a fully functional w2k laptop (the original computer) and the PDA and the palm desktop software - all work fine as far as i know

    and a new Vista (ugh!) laptop - and a brandy-spankin-new t650 (sprint)

    all topped off with a recent hotsync from the PDA and its accompanying Palm folder in the w2k laptop

    so the question is... what files/folders/etc do i need to transfer FROM the w2k laptop to the Vista laptop - ???

    thanks in advance!!!
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    What model Treo PDA?

    If it has infrared beaming. . . . . I would beam the PIM data over in mass to the Treo. (Select beam by "category" then "all" as you beam the data from each PIM . . . .Memos Contacts Tasks Appointments.) Then I would install the 650 disk to the Laptop and do a hot sync. The PIM data should now be on the Palm desktop on the laptop. Third party apps should be added fresh.


    Do a last hot sync of the PDA on the w2k pc.
    Install the 650 desktop there.
    Do a clean install just as far as the PIM data onto the Treo.

    Install the 650 desktop on the laptop.
    Hot sync the Treo.
    The PIM info should now be on the laptop.
    Add third party apps.

    Vista could be a problem -- you may need to search out the Vista Palm Desktop Beta release.
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    I migrated the data from my old Palm III to my new Treo 650 by exporting the old data to files using the Palm III Desktop, then importing the files using the Treo 650 Desktop. It was awhile back, so I can't remember the exact details, but I believe that the memo and appointment data transferred fine, but there was a problem transferring the contact information (I think the 650 Desktop was expecting more fields per record), so I had to edit each contact record by hand.
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    I've had to do this before. This is how I did it anyway.
    1)Be sure to sync the old PDA one more time with the old laptop.
    2)Install the Palm desktop that came with the 650 on the old laptop over the top of the old one.
    3) Make sure the owner info on the 650 is blank. <<<***VERY IMPORTANT (if need be, hard reset the device before you start to clear this info)
    4) If all he wants is pim and calendar data, you should right click the hotsync icon>custom> and choose only those options to desktop overwrites handheld.
    5) Sync the 650 with the laptop. It should ask what user name to use even if there's just one user account on the Palm Desktop.
    5) The sync should restore pim data, calendar data and what ever else you told it too during step four.
    6) I'm a Windows XP hold-out so don't know about the Vista end of it.

    The only worry here is how closely related the two devices are. The last time I did this was going from a Zire72 to a Treo 650. I just hooked it up and let it go and it restored everything including the applications because these devices are closely related. If your going from like a Palm IIIe to a Treo 650, yeah that might be a problem. Just follow the instructions and you should be OK.

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