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    It is reasonable to expect that I can port a backup from one centro to another as long as it is the same user, correct? I know I'm getting a new one soon (the one I bought was scratched so they promised me a new one when they get them in but let me use it in the meantime) and I really hope that I can use an NVBackup to set up the new one with everything I've got. Full Hotsync doesn't keep preferences like contact ringtones and pictures for example.
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    Yes you can. It's great.
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    any idea whether this will work going from a 680 to a centro?
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    I was just getting ready to ask the same thing. Anyone stick a 680 card in Centro to transfer over everything?
    I use a micro card in an adater for my 680, so hopefully it would be a simple switch???
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    I'd say better not to do so, the risk from restoring everything from the 680 to the Centro is to put files and settings specific to the 680 that may cause problems to the Centro!

    Tomorrow I should receive my GSM Centro (hope so!!!) and will do the following:

    - one last backup of my 680 on the PC via Hotsync
    - one last backup of my 680 on the card via RescoBackup
    - then the folder on the PC that contains the last 680 backup will be renamed in order not to be restored to the new machine
    - First Hotsync of the Centro in order to restore only contacts, memos, agenda etc.
    - Then a careful process of restoring other applications and data (e.g. sms database, Versamail mails...) but one by one, selecting individual applications or files with RescoBackup restore from the card

    Hope this helps!


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