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    I own a T680 (unlocked) an did the rom and firmware-update a few days ago. I did it the way palm recommends (plugged power supply etc.). The rom update worked very well and I now have 1.12-ROW and the way it was describes in many posts. After the auto-reset i was asked to select the language and the treo started as usual. Only the wireless-module wasn't able to start. I can't get no information on the firmware-number because the phone stays turned off.
    Under the palm-apps I found an app called GSM-Updater. If I open it, it says:

    Software update: MW01.92
    Version: 4.30
    1197472 080301 18:40

    If i try to start the Updater or do the whole update again there comes the message that the updater wasn't able to find a proper wireless-module.

    Does anyone knows how to override the firmware (if possible anyway)?
    Or do I have to use it as expensive paperweight ?

    Thanks for any help (and sorry for my english, I lack practice here in Switzerland)

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    does noone have an idea for the problem?

    i wonder if i bricked the treo with the rom-update. if there are some "experimental"-ways to try to resuscitate my treo i would be glad to try, because the warranty-time is over and at the moment it's nothing more than another thing to clean of dusk on my desk ...

    thanks for any suggestions


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