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    Until now I have used the Palm Destop on my PC and is has worked fine with my treo 680. I am only talking syncronizing though cable.

    Now I have changed to syncronize with Outlook 2003. The problem is, that the fields from my phone is not transferred all of them to outlook contact. Ej. the E-mail in contacts in my phone is not found anywhere in Outlook after syncronizing.

    Can somebody help me ?

    Regards Miguel
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    I'm not completely sure I'm following you here, but what you could do is set your HotSync to have the handheld override the desktop and I think that should solve your problem. You can do this by going into the HotSync icon, hit applications, then hit configure (I'm doing this from memory as my hotsync icon is only on my home computer), and then check the option for handheld overrides desktop.

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