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    Just ordered a new 700wx. Didnít want to leave the palm series, but had no choice since there are no drivers that will work with my new computer which runs Vista64. Unfortunately it means buying a bunch of new software, and learning a new OS; but from what I can see it way of future. The fact Vista has been out for over a year and no drivers for 64 bit edition signals to me that palm no longer viable. I really am disappointed, I couldnít wait to get a Folio a lot of backlash from users here but it would have been perfect for me. No longer, hello windows mobile.
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    vista 64bit not even worth using. It isn't just palm drivers you'll have a hard time getting. And even if you get all the software/hardware running that you have, there's still not a significant reason for enduring the headache. This isn't vista bashing, i use the 32bit version.

    As for the "way of the future" nothing out there right now is that. Apple will upgrade theirs and charge you later. Windows will upgrade theirs. Palm will come out with something new. Garmin is coming out with something. Google OS will too.

    You switched from one smartphone of the present to another smartphone and OS of the PRESENT.
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    correct me if im wrong but palm never wrote xp 64 bit drivers
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    Computer manufacturers have already started making Vista 64-bit standard so they can enable support of 4GB of RAM. Palm's lack of support for 64-bit OS last generation isn't going to fly anymore.
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    I'm waiting for the 800w to make the switch.
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    Windows Vista is the new Windows ME.

    Xp is still viable and preferred by many. I don't think you're going to like the useability of Windows mobile...I could be wrong.
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    Again, posters go off the main topic to bash the original poster and also get a chance to rant about Vista in a complete meaningless way. Shesh...

    Anyhow, you seem to have made a right choice here. I know that Vista along with SP1 provides much better support for handheld devices, given that now Activesync is "embedded" in the OS. So, in theory if you couple a WM device with Vista the experience should be if not painless, at least more straightforward than trying to get Palm Desktop running there.
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    I have a new HP laptop, 64 bit, with Vista. While I hate Vista also, I want to be able to synch it with my 680. Why does the Palm website offer a "Vista Update" if it doesn't work? This, in my opinion, is ridiculous. Incidentally, I got a 680 because I am in England for 4 years, and I simply could not figure out the Blackberry I tried out. 4 different ways to get to each application, close this, open that, back and forth in a mouse maze. After two weeks I was ready to through the Blackberry out onto the motorway! Future or not, Windows based smart phones SUCK!
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    If you want to use your Palm OS programs just buy StyleTap
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    On a semi-related note I just wanted to share how amazing setting up my 700p on Ubuntu 8.04 (Linux) was.

    It has the support built right into the OS for Palm based devices, and all I had to do was click the Palm option in the menu, choose a few setting on how I was going to sync it (USB, Serial, IR, etc), then press the hotsync button. Everything backed up INCLUDING my google calendar I had setup in my email program!

    I feel great about making the complete switch from microsoft products. I was sick of the Blue Screen of Death 3 times a day, made the switch and hope to never turn back.

    So that's my 2 cents. I am sorry to see you leaving the Palm OS community and would also love to see you give Linux a try...
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