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    Can anyone help me? I have been trying to find a reset button that allows me to save a dialed number into my 650's phone book. I accidentally hit the "don't show the message again" button and before I knew it, it was gone forever. I have checked the manual, all of the applications on the phone and cannot find how to get this screen back. If you know how to do this, please let me know.

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    There is not reset button. I am not sure what why you're not able to save a number to you phone book. If you called it re-enter it for you contacts. You would have to access the log file to see last called number (10 are stored) if you have not called more since the call it will be there. I use Takephone and it stores an extensive history of calls and numbers.
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    Thanks for the reply, Tripplec. I was looking at how I could get the "save phone number" immediately screen back. Yes I can manually add it through the contacts or the most recent calls, but I liked the easy "add it to contacts" button. Any other suggestions?
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    If you really mean saving incoming numbers, I'd pretty much bet you would have to dig in the SavedPreferences file. I've never found a way to reset this, I wouldn't doubt it's in one of the records in that file with an obscure name. I've never gone through the motions to figure which record.

    It's actually the software on the 650 that stores the call log, not Takephone (at least on my old Sprint 650). Takephone just uses the data that the 650 automatically stores.
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    I don't mean saving the incoming phone numbers, but the ones I've just dialed. Does anyone know the screen I am trying to describe?
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    I know that screen. I think the setting to disable/enable that screen is in the Unsaved/Saved Preferences file. My feeling is in the Unsaved Preferences. Try this, first backup your data to the SD card using any backup software. After that, using a file manager like FileZ or Resco Explorer delete the Unsaved Preference file (you'll lose your bluetooth pairing and other software preferences etc). From a number not listed in your contacts dial your treo number. See if the screen comes back. If not successful you can restore your Unsaved Preference file from your SD card backup.
    If the step above is unsuccessful, then that setting is in the Saved Preferences. You are out of luck then, the only option is a hard reset and re-installing all your applications & setting one-by-one.
    Hope this help.
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    The only option like that on the 650 phone app that I've ever activated via the popup window was the option to save an incoming number that wasn't already in the contacts app. Maybe this same option also allowed saving outbound numbers?

    Either way, I'd bet the status of this option is contained in a record in the SavedPrefs file (possibly UnsavedPrefs, but I kinda doubt it).
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    I wrote that previous note last night but didn't post until just now, where I see pdaneophyte has since posted. Sorry 'bout that.

    The reason I was thinking it may be in the SavedPrefs file is because of the difference in the way Palm and hotsync treat that file vs the UnsavedPrefs file.
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    Do the following:

    1 - Install Filez if not already installed.
    2 - Open Filez program
    3 - Tap View Preferences option
    4 - By default it should go to Saved, if not click that option in the upper right hand corner.
    5 - Look for the preferences: HsPh Phone and delete them all (there will probably be more than one)

    This will give you back the option of saving recently dialed numbers after hanging up without resetting all of your other options (like Blue Tooth and such). It will however, reset the settings on the Phone like background picture and favorite's buttons to default settings. I suspect that the HsPh preferences each hold a different setting but I don't know how to distinguish them from one another.
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    Thank you D.L. Cummings! I know that the screen was not that important, but it worked after following your instructions! Thank you again!

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