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    Ok, I'm going to try to get my friends setup with Sero, who are already Sprint customers who don't want to lose their current number. Does anyone know which prepay is better? I was thinking of having a voice mail setup that has an announcement about the temporary switching of numbers and not have an option to leave a message. That should cut down on the minutes used and needing to check or forward voicemail or calls.

    Ok, how much would it cost to forward calls? Then the caller wouldn't know about the new number? Last I checked with CC someone said it takes 45 days to get dropped off the Sprint radar in order to be seen as a new customer for your old line. I don't really know if that is correct?

    Wait a minute. If you sign up today on Sero as a current customer that's fine. You just can't port your existing line to Sero. How many days does it take to port a number from another carrier to a Sero? I didn't see that mentioned that way. Once your number is ported to a new carrier you're no longer a Sprint customer right? Is that a new loophole or am I just plain loopy?
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    Its all very silly, port out/port in, just to get SERO. I thought it was plain stupid, so I just called Sprint and said I want my current plan converted to SERO. It took 2 calls (the first person understood and was willing, but didn't know how, the 2nd did it in 3 minutes).

    So I would suggest giving this a try first, try for a week of calls before doing any silly porting nonsense. Obviously its best if they are off contract... Call retentions and the first thing you ask is if they know how to work with SERO. If they don't, politely hang up and try again...
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    you know, i looked on many messageboards for a long time trying to find an answer to the OP's question, and i got a lot of the same answers that this other guy here gave: "keep trying and if you don't get what you want, politely hang up & try again".

    i tried five times. one time i found a number directly to the sero department, and a kind lady answered who told me in no uncertain terms that switching to sero was not allowed if you were already an existing customer. the other times, the customer service person either did not know what sero was, or got defensive & told me it wasn't possible.

    perhaps it is possible to get your account switched to sero from whatever other plan you're on, and perhaps people that tell you to keep trying coz "they found luck the 2nd, 4th, or 99th time" are blowing smoke at you. why keep harassing CS when there's a real easy workaround?? why potentially ruin it for other people who'd like to get sero? each time you call and ask, an entry is made in your customer database record stating that you keep asking for sero but are being told it isn't possible.

    here's what i did. i went to and ported my number to one of their go phone pay-as-you-go plans. i did it all online without speaking to anybody. i chose a refurbished nokia something-or-other phone for $9.99. just ten bucks - total! the next week, i received the phone and sim card, and activated. i even got a complimentary $10 airtime card. so then i cancelled with sprint, and that's where i'm at now. i've heard that you have to wait 30 days in order to go back and be considered a new subscriber with sprint but i'm not entirely sure.

    what hurts is having to avoid texts and data usage. i had unlimited of both on my previous sprint plan (but my monthly bill was also $77).

    good luck.
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    I was able to port my Sprint number to a GoPhone, open a Sero account with a Sprint assigned number, activate the new phone, then port the old number back in to the new Sero phone (from ATT).
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    I would recommend going to the SprintUsers forum and looking up the SERO thread. The whole process is a bit of a game to switch, but can be done. I do not believe that people have been blowing smoke about switching, I think they have just been lucky in the CS rep that got, or managed to call Retentions when their contract was about out. There are several ways of coming at the game, as has been illustrated above, but I do believe anyone who is persistent enough will eventually get SERO.

    The technical offer is the Sprint Employee Referral Offer. Most that get SERO don't even know a Sprint employee much less have been referred by them. Second,the offer requires a new line of service, either by a new customer or a current customer. This is where the situation gets problematic for current customers, who want to keep their existing number. The porting route in what is usually recommended in the SERO thread in SprintUsers, but I agree its a pain and doesn't make a lot of sense. I got my daughter a new phone on SERO, and then was able to convert my phone (which was still in the initial 30 day period) to SERO, by simply calling Retentions. My explanation was simply, I can follow the techinicalities of the SERO offer and cancel this account and then open a new account and get a new phone, but I think it would be easier and cheaper for everyone all around if this account was simply converted to SERO. The CS Rep agreed and changed it.

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    Bry4n, you definitely need to wait around 45 days not thirty since you have to wait for your last statement, reflect last payment and then file deletion. They are hoping you change your mind and return. I was told they keep your file for 45 days. You don't want to return early. You want to look like a new customer, not a returning one, making sure you're deleted like you're in witness protection. I wouldn't go back early and take that chance. This is the recommended way of doing it but I don't think its the best way? On the one hand doing it this way avoids having two lines with Sprint for a few days and two numbers, who cares?

    On the other hand, which might be an issue is what if there are any notes on a second line on the same account? I mean they are under separate contracts so it shouldn't matter what you do with your other plan and contract and number? I know I had trouble going from Nextel to Sprint Sero but that is a common hassle apparently.

    Ok, let me use my friend to run by you guys as an example. My friend has a cheapo phone lets say and probably the highest consumer plan with 1,000+ minutes. She regularly goes over and pays $200 a month for just calls.

    She keeps her phone and plan and gets a second line, Sero. That is allowed. She now uses her Centro phone on the Sero line to make calls and continues to get calls on her cheapo phone on her old Sprint plan for now. She gets ATNT or someone and has her old plan/number ported. When that account is up and running her voice mail says this is temporary, don't leave a message and to call her temporary Sero number.

    Yes, some people will be confused but they will see her temporary Sero number on their caller ID when she calls them. Then, 45 days after the old number has been up and running on ATNT it will no longer be a Sprint number. Ok, technically its not as soon as its ported but again it has more to do with her file and account than the actual number.

    She ports that number back, she is no longer a Sprint customer with that number and can port it over to Sero or in this case back. You can't port a Sprint number to Sero. It isn't allowed and isn't guaranteed to work. You can make calls and it might work but I can't suggest doing that especially to friends. I don't know if I'd take that chance even. I think this way should work and might be better than doing it the recommended way? What do you think?

    The issue I'm thinking now is if there are notes on a second account Does ATNT have voicemail included?

    That's why I think John and I have a better way of doing this, I'm just not sure in what order John did it in?

    My friend has a cheapo phone lets say on a 1,000 minute Sprint plan. She goes over her minutes and spends $200 just on calls a month. She keeps her phone and plan.
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    I don't think you need to wait 45 days.

    You could call Sprint today and establish 100 new lines of service with them, all on SERO, without cancelling your current plan. Sprint doesn't care if you have 1, 2, 3 or more accounts with them. The more the better!

    The issue you're concerned with is porting your phone number to a SERO plan. You can do that, just not directly from a Sprint account.

    Here's what you do. Open a trial account with Verizon. Verizon wants you to be their customer so badly that they'll pay not only your enrollment fee, but even the minutes you use during the month. Port your Sprint number to Verizon and close your Sprint account.

    Open a Sprint SERO account at the same time. Under a new phone number.

    Towards the end of your 30 days with Verizon's trial, call Sprint and see if they'll port your number. If they say yes, your golden. If they say you can't do it right away, then go to AT&T for a 30 day trial.

    At some point, you can port your phone to your Sprint SERO account.

    Porting phone number is no big deal. I've had my Sprint SERO account for 8 months. If I wanted to, I could call them today and have them port my home phone number over. It's as simple as that.
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    I believe the instructions given on the SERO thread in is to have your current phone (if you're terminating) flagged so that the number will not be given to someone else. Then get your SERO phone, then ask to port your old phone number to your new phone.
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    You can open as many Sero lines as you want, you can't just port a Sprint number over to Sero easily.

    The bottom line is when does a Sprint account close and your name and info get wiped off Sprint computers from the old account? I heard 45 days after porting to a new carrier since you have 30 days to return and keep the plan you had, they want you back.

    That seems to be the issue and I haven't seen that posted anywhere. I guess I could call CC again and see if I get the same info. I'd rather wait 45 days and not have a problem. I think you're all set as long as they don't know your number was a Sprint number or they don't care.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BCVP View Post
    You can open as many Sero lines as you want, you can't just port a Sprint number over to Sero easily.

    The bottom line is when does a Sprint account close and your name and info get wiped off Sprint computers from the old account? I heard 45 days after porting to a new carrier since you have 30 days to return and keep the plan you had, they want you back.

    That seems to be the issue and I haven't seen that posted anywhere. I guess I could call CC again and see if I get the same info. I'd rather wait 45 days and not have a problem. I think you're all set as long as they don't know your number was a Sprint number or they don't care.
    Sprint doesn't care if you port your old number over or not, as long as its a new line of service. Even if you're still in contract, they would just charge you the ETF. Now, as I stated earlier, all you have to do is call retentions, tell them you want to keep your old number and to flag it and they will ensure its not given to anyone else for a period of time (not sure how long). Get your new SERO phone, call and ask them to port your old number and you're done. If you want to do it your way, I'm not sure why you posted. Best wishes.
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    I was going back and forth between the suggested way, porting your number to a prepaid for a period of time, 30-45 days and waiting before getting the Sero account with your ported number or get the Sero account now with a temporary number and then port the old Sprint number to a prepay and then port it back to the Sero plan after 30-45 days and toss the temporary number. Those sound like two options to me?

    You can't port the number over to Sero, that's the point. Sure YMMV but its not allowed. They can't charge you the ETF and transfer you to Sero, that's not allowed either. I like the flagging idea. The amount of time seems to be the sticking point. You can't ask them to "port your old Sprint number back," you can ask for your number on the prepay to be ported to Sprint.

    I was posting this to see if there is another way of doing this, which I think there is, seeing what you guys think and to show others what their options are, how it works and to decide if they want to try calling Retentions or CC and take a chance or just do it the almost guaranteed way, that's all. I think I got it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by john0394 View Post
    I was able to port my Sprint number to a GoPhone, open a Sero account with a Sprint assigned number, activate the new phone, then port the old number back in to the new Sero phone (from ATT).
    Let me expand a bit on my original post, first with a little bit of history: I opened a Sero account in September 2007 and bought a Mogul. The phone gave me nothing but problems due to its limited memory. I could have exchanged it for a new one but another Mogul was not attractive to me because of the low memory issues. I called Sprint to see if they would offer me a discount on a Centro. The best I could get was $250 and adding 2 years to my account. Several emails and calls led me nowhere in getting a better deal....largely because I was such a new customer. The increase in Sprint's fees on 1/1/08 opened a window for me to cancel my account without an ETF.

    So.....on 1/31, I bought an ATT GoPhone and ported my Sprint Sero number to it. This, in effect, cancelled my Sero account. On 2/1, I purchased a new phone on a new Sero account (online purchase). I "chose" my own number....namely, the number I had ported over to ATT. The order was cancelled by Sprint without contacting me. After a few phone calls, I learned that system does not allow an old Sprint number to be used for 60 days after it is ported out, thus the system rejected my purchase (I thought it was odd that Sprint didn't simply call me and offer another number). On 2/5, I again purchased a new phone on a new Sero account but I allowed Sprint to assign a number. On 2/8, the phone arrived and I activated it with the new number. On 2/13, I called Sprint and ported my original Sero number back in (from the GoPhone). Within an hour I was up and running with my original number and a new Centro ($99 -$50 rebate -$50 first bill credit). Seem like a lot of work? Yes, but I ended up with free phone (vs. the $249 they offered) and my original number.
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    Well at first I was like wait a second its not exactly the same thing to go from Sero to Sero and all that but I see what you mean. Its still more about the amount of time needed to port it back than anything. Ok, we have 30, 45 and now 60 daze. Do I hear 65 going once...
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    You might find my post from sprintusers helpful:

    I managed to port my number to a prepaid GoPhone, and back to my new SERO plan in less than 3 days.
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    Wow, that is great! I feel better recommending this to my friends now. I wonder if enough people have gone from a Go Phone to Sero that they get the idea. I mean there must be a large percentage of those people for some reason.
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    I've never heard of anyone having to wait any certain amount of time before they could port their number back to Sprint. I had a Nextel that was out of contract and I wanted to keep my number, and added a new Sprint SERO line. Once I tested Sprint out and was satisfied I tried all the different ways to get your number ported. I talked to CS, I emailed them, I emailed SERO, bottom line they will not let you just port an existing Sprint/Nextel number to SERO. The reason being is that since it's only for new accounts, or a new line of service, by porting an existing number they consider that to be an existing line still. I was told by many people on the net that it can be done, but no one at Sprint would do it. Oh and the "flagging" or having your number reserved wasn't allowed either. So I finally went to Wal-Mart, bought like a $15 Tracfone, activated it, ported my old Nextel number to it, waited a couple days, called Sprint and ported it to my SERO line. When you port to a prepaid I would say just wait until the port is completed and you know the phone is working with that number. Then call Sprint and have it ported back. Obviously when you port to a prepaid, if that line is still in contract you'll get an etf.
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    Jlove, sounds like you had to wait a certain amount of time.

    You're right they make it difficult going from Nextel. Long story short my mother was on my Nextel account just before I was going to switch to Sero. They said I needed to take over the account, which is common. I got a Sero account, new Sprint line since I'm on Nextel, took over the Nextel account and ported the number. It is odd now that I think of it since at that point my name was on both the Nextel and Sprint Sero. That's how I recall doing it.
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    I have three different experiences with switching to SERO.

    First, I had a Sprint account when I found out about SERO. I had a friend that had just, and when he called to switch to SERO (within 30 days), after they switched him, he asked if they could switch me, too. After agreeing to a new 2 year contract, the CS rep switched me over.

    Second time was a friend that wanted to switch to SERO. After many calls and as many rejections, I loaned him my GoPhone and ported the number to that phone. It was active a few hours later, and once it was active and working on the GoPhone, we called and requested to port it back to Sprint. We didn't even wait 24 hours to port back to Sprint and it worked.

    Lastly, I called to switch my parents from a regular Sprint account to SERO and it only took one call.

    This was all within the past few months, so from my experiences, 1) it's possible to get switched over to SERO through a regular CS, and 2) there is no waiting period to port a Sprint number back to Sprint after it's ported out to another company.

    Hope this helps.

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