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    Hey all,
    I am a new Centro owner and a new Palm user as well. Before I bought my Micro SD cards I copied a bunch of MP3's to the internal memory eating up almost all of it. Now that I have purchased a MicroSD card i am trying to figure out how to move the music over to the card.
    I have not been able to figure this out using ptunes, files, or even fileZ. Do I have to delete all the music and reload it onto the card?

    thanks all,
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    Here sre the steps, because you are new I am making them super simple. No offense intended:

    - Launch Filez
    - Tap "View and Edit Files"
    - Tap the triangle next to "Internal"
    - Tap each file you want to move (a red check mark will appear)
    - Hit the <menu> key (bottom right most key)
    - Hit the <M> key
    - Hit the triangle next to "External Card"
    - Tap the "AUDIO" text (the triangle should turn black)
    - Tap "OK"

    That should move the files over to the AUDIO directory where pTunes will see them.
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    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    thats the thing though, the music is not showing up in Filez. Even if I sort it by size, the largest thing it shows is Multimail attachements or something similar to that. There arent any music files showing up in the list.

    Its no big deal, I will just delete them from the internal and re up them to the card.

    thanks though!

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