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    Hey! I've looked for the answer to this and can't find it, so maybe you guys can help. I'm really interested in getting a centro, but i need to know if text messages can be sent while the phone is roaming.

    Right now I've got a Fusic and can receive messages but can't send them while roaming. I'm always roaming when i'm at home, so i can only send texts while I'm in the city...

    My husband's Q sends texts while he's roaming...I thought i'd ask

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    oh...we're both on sprint
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    just a comment... when you're Roaming, you're not actually on 'sprint' but on some other service provider's network. different service providers may or may not support sms, or may charge differently.
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    I'm aware that we're not on sprint when we're roaming. However, he's on the same network i'm on when we're roaming, it's Cellular South. He can send texts but my LG blocks roaming texts, it won't even give it a chance to send. It says "No network coverage, message will be sent when coverage resumes" or something along those lines.

    I guess I was just wondering if the centro blocks sending texts while it's roaming or (if the network allows) will send the messages.

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    I know this works when roaming on Verizon - you can send and receive....
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    That's good news. I know that texts can be sent over the air, I receive them all the time, but the LG blocks them from being sent from the phone. It's weird... Well at least I'll have better luck with the centro If not, hey...I've got a 30 day trial.

    Thanks so much.

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