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    I recently used a co-worker's iQue 3600 phone, and I was VERY impressed with how fast the maps drew and the overall interface for the software. I have purchased Palm's GPS kit (with the TomTom software) and the program's user interface is so awful that I never use it.

    Is it possible to buy just the Garmin Mobile 10 software without a GPS? I already have a bluetooth GPS. Heck, even if the program only worked with a Garmin unit, I'd be interested in buying the program just to be able to browse maps with no GPS capability.

    Of course there's also Google maps, but I'm often in areas with no signal, and the Garmin software is much faster than google maps.

    John F
    Montclair, NJ
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    It is possible. Garmin's web site is confusing but they do have a 1GB SD card you MUST use that has the sw and maps.

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