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    After prolonged periods of inactivity, the screen on my treo 650 will not turn on. The green light still flashes but I can't receive calls or use the phone/pda without performing a soft reset. I also find that when I have the phone on me but the screen is asleep, when i press the off or send button, the phone resets and I get the palm one screen. I find that I'm taking the cover off and resetting the phone several times a day. I have no 3rd party software on the phone and have already done several hard resets when I first got the phone. I got this phone second hand and I think i now know why they wanted to get rid of it.

    Any ideas or is this a normal glitch for this particular phone?

    Also a stupid there any way to turn the phone completely off so that the battery does not drain overnight....

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    Upgrade to a newer phone the 650 was very very buggy.
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    My Treo 680 is like this, too. Maybe not THAT bad, but I'm always wondering why it just freezes, shuts off all the time.
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    To jasvet,
    After you hard-reset did you re-install your data from SD card backup or HotSync?
    If from HotSync then go to the palm folder in the program files directory (in windows, I don't use Mac, don't ask me anything on that system), go to your treo hotsync name folder, find the folder named "backup" and rename it to another (backup_old or whatever). Then HotSync.
    It would also be a good idea to check if there is database corruption in your PIM files. Open the palm desktop, go to tools (I think) and check for corruption.

    BTW: you can turn on & off the phone connection by pressing the red phone button for a while, you know the one you use to turn-off the screen. There is no need to soft reset to turn on/off connection.

    Hope this helps.
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    Another thought, what is your phone ROM & firmware version. There might be a newer rom available for your carrier.
    To find out the version, go to the phone screen, hit menu, option, phone info.

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