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    Is there any way to attach and send any type of file I want and however many files I want? Also can I remove the 160 character limit? I really like the stock messaging app aside from these limitations.

    Thanks for any help!
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    If I understand your question, not with messaging (short message service).

    The standard specifies messages of up to 160 characters, with nothing about attachments. I think there are SMS client programs that will take longer messages and split them into multiple 160 character messages and then send them.

    I believe you will need to use something else (like email) to send larger messages and attachments.

    You can read more about SMS at
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    Alright, well I know how SMS works, but by messaging I was trying to encompass SMS and MMS. I had a razr that would allow up to 400 characters, although I assume it was sent as multiple messages that were rejoined together by the receiving phone.

    Also by sending pictures and audio files I would be sending them to another phone, so email wouldn't work properly for that.

    Thanks for the help though.
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    No problem sending >160 characters messages with Treo 650 here. The built-in program automatically splits long messages into different parts.

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