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    Hi All-

    I'm a new member. I've perused these forums in the past and found them most helpful. Never needed to join as I never needed to post anything...found them full of info and had many questions answered. Now I need to post ergo...

    I have had a Sprint 755p since they first came out. I just had to switch to a Blackberry Curve for use with my work.

    In anticipation of this and since I had insurance, I was able to get Palm send me a fresh replacement phone SO that I could sell it. I have shipped the old phone back and am no longer on Sprint. Fresh phone with a bunch of extras. No third party apps other than what Sprint loads on it.

    Here is where I need help. I only know enough to be a bit dangerous but my understanding is that I have to clear the ESN or something like that.

    Once I clear it of my own number (assuming I can) I will sell it.

    Do I need to clear it? How do I clear it? I want to sell it in good conscience either here or on eBay...


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    If you have a different phone now associated with your account, it should be fine (after doing a hard reset).

    As long as the 755p still isn't associated to your account and you had service switched to the other phone for that phone #.
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    thanks for the response but I'm feeling like a luddite...

    I am no longer a Sprint customer. As a last act of 'getting my money's worth' for the insurance that I have paid each month I decided to coax them into sending me a replacement phone.

    In other words, I didn't tell them that my intentions were to discontinue service once I received it. In fact, I was dealing with 'Palm' (or their replacement service company).

    My goal was to be able to turn around and offer a fresh phone never used...

    With that clarification, is the answer the same. The phone number that my Sprint 755p had/has has now been ported to my T-Mobile Curve.

    Make sense?

    Thanks again!
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    When they port your number, your old account no longer works (they basically cancel your old service and establish a new one).

    So your phone isn't linked to your current account, your new phone is that you signed up with Tmobile.

    Basically the same thing as canceling your service.

    Just do a hard reset to remove any PIM data.
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    I did a hard reset already even thought I have never used the replacement phone!

    I will put it in marketplace to see if there is any interest before I go the eBay route.

    If anybody has an interest, let me know. Extras including two wall chargers and car charger. $195.
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    Call Sprint and make sure the ESN can be activated - that may be the best, safest way to make sure there is no hardship with whomever buys it.
    I sold mine with just a 1 gb card for $200 as a buy it now on ebay so you should be able to get that much for it.
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    Most of the brand new Treo 755p's are going for about $280 with no contract, just for reference.
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    I bought it!

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