THis might seem like an extremely silly idea. I'm pretty sure nobody has asked it - I did a brief search and came up empty - I'm not surprised.

I have a Sprint Blackberry 8830 and a Sprint Treo 700wx. PAM is enabled on the Blackberry 8830 and works fine with a laptop.

I want to connect my treo to the internet using the bluetooth on the blackberry. I want to do this temporarily. Consider it to be a cheap VPN solution which will enable WM apps to run within the BES firewalled environment.

Is this possible?

I paired the two phones, then went to Settings-Connections-Advanced-Select Networks on the Treo.

I edited "My work network" and suggested it use connection "Blackberry" which uses: Bluetooth (Blackberry 8830 as device), dials #777 and uses my sprint PCS username and password (I think that last part is irrelevant). The remaining options are standard.

When I click on the "Blackberry" connection and click connect, I get an error message: "Cannot connect for an unknown reason. To check your connection settings and change them if needed, tap Settings. If the problem continues, reset your mobile device according to your manufacturer's documentation and try again."

Any suggestions? Anybody got this to work?