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    My Palm Treo 650 recently took a hit, and it lost the settings for connecting to my Yahoo Mail account. I use the Versamail client on the Treo. I put in the following settings:

    Mail Service: Yahoo!
    Protocol: POP
    Username: <my username>
    Email Address: <>
    Incoming Mail Server:
    Outgoing Mail Server:
    Incoming Server Settings:
    Port Number: 995
    I checked the box for SSL
    I did NOT check the box for authentication (APOP)
    Outgoing Server Settings:
    Port Number: 465
    I checked the boxes for SSL and authentication (ESMTP)

    I am able to get my Yahoo mail with the Treo, but I cannot send mail. I get the following error message: "No response from SMTP Server."

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    For outgoing, I use port 587, authentication checked, user name and password entered. Try changing the port in yours to 587 and see if you can send.
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    Thanks, but when I tried port 587, and I got a different error: "502 unimplemented (#5.5.1)"

    Any other ideas?
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    Are you on Sprint?

    For some reason, Sprint likes VersaMail accounts to be set up with Sprint as the outgoing server . . . .

    If you are on Sprint, try setting Sprint as the outgoing server as presented in this thread:
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    No, I'm on Cingular/Verizon.
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    Well then, try this.

    Sometimes VersaMail account setups on the Treo can get corrupted and just retyping in the data does not correct the situation. . . . . . you have to delete the account from VersaMail and then set it up again from scratch.
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    Thanks again, but no, I've already tried that twice.
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    I'm stumped.

    Is this Treo a Cingular or Verizon unit?

    I am assuming the phone works. Have you been able to get any VersaMail accounts to send? (Like you network provided email address, or a Comcast or other POP account?)

    If those are the correct Yahoo settings, then I am led to believe it is some sort of hardware failure. Have you backed up and done a hard reset?

    My next stop would be to your Network store.
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    I had similar problems with with my verizon 650. I completely removed all Palm software from my computer (with some help from Palms customer service, Live Chat). Also had to do a registry edit (with help). Reloaded the software, and I haven't had a problem since.

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