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    Greetings...first post as a new Centro owner. Whevever I attempt to surf the web via Blazer, my homepage appears in the address bar but the page does not remains blank (no text or images). The network seems to be webpage loads....Blazer does nothing when I chose "go." I went to Palm's preferences. Unchecked "ask before connecting to the internet." Still does not work. I returned to preferences==>network and clicked "connect". Returned to Blazer and all worked well.

    My question is, shouldn't the Centro remain "online" at all times, or at least activate when I open Blazer. It seems odd that I have to go to preferences==>network==>connect everytime I want to go online. I re-provisioned through ##DATA#. Did not correct the problem.

    Any advice would be appreciated. Any suggestions for a button shortcut that would start a connection? Or a software that would do it with a single click? Thanks.
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    The device is designed to stay on line; however, when you get into an area where the signal is weak, it will loose the connection.

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    Thanks for the response. However, shouldn't Blazer automatically "reconnect" the network? Seems like I shouldn't have to enter preferences each time I want to go online or check my email.
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    Are you sure your account is provisioned for Power Vision? I traded my 650 for the Centro and for the first day I thought I had been ripped off. The network connections were no faster than my 650 and always dropped when I was surfing. Seems my 650 account was "vision pack" not "power vision pack" It costs the same ($10) but you need to call Sprint and speak to a Tech 2 person to make sure that they have the right setting on their side. Once they corrected it, I've been home free and loving it.

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