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    How do i get the email to.arrive at my phone automatically like a sms message does?
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    VersaMail will only "pull" email (As often as every 5 minutes, but that does drain the battery). Other's will have to answer if there is a 3rd party software solution that will "push" email to your Treo.

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    My coworker configured his gmail and yahoo email accounts to forward his emails to his Treo's SMS email address: He used filters on both yahoo and gmail to only forward emails that meet his conditions. So this is a pseudo push.

    SMS though only has a 160 character limit, so if he gets an email over 160 characters, he'll need to go to his yahoo/gmail accounts to retrieve the actual email.
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    Search for chattermail
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    If you are using Verizon, set up the wireless sync process to handle your pop3 mail. This is done at
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    chattermail is great but there is a bug with gmail attachments using an imap connection.
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    It's spelled chatterEmail, and the bug with IMAP attachments on Gmail has been addressed in a recent version. Unfortunately, that "fix" causes problems with certain other attachments on different servers/services. So I had to go back to an earlier version, which is no problem fo me because I don't get attachments on Gmail.

    Using IMAP in Chatteremail does give you the option of true "push", but I don't know if it would cause a significant battery drain.
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    How do i get the email to.arrive at my phone automatically like a sms message does?
    Try it's push email that ties into SMS. This is free for sprint users.

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