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    Wife and I bought Treos and love them. She has 700p and I have 700wx. She was trying to find some way to save the pictures she receives through text messaging. I have no problem doing it with 700wx but could not figure out how to save just the picture on hers. We use verizon and no third party applications. Anyone know how to save pictures received thorugh text? Only way we can figure is for her to forward message to me but that seems archaic. Any help would be appreciated!
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    If you are using the Palm OS text feature on the Sprint device called "Picture Mail," then with Sprint, the file ends up on their web site for the world to view. Send it as an email attachment.

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    Thanks for the response Ben! We use Verizon not Sprint. We also found that we had no need for email or internet access through the treo so we dropped the data package. I just do not understand why I can save all my pics I receive on my 700wx and there is no option to save on her 700p. If I take a picture and send it to her treo, she can not save it. Is there a third party application that might work? Thanks
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    I think it is a Sprint thing. What you can do is beam or Bluetooth it to her. Ben
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    You should be able to open the picture, use the menu button at the bottom, and choose save.
    I save pics and video via pix messaging all the time, I am also on Verizon.

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