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    After going to the trouble of upgrading (main trouble was re-establishing all the apps and some of the native data bases), I was sadden to observe that this morning the phone froze sometime between 3AM my last use of it and 5AM. By froze I mean, no buttons had any effect. A soft reset restored all functioning.

    I did note (and this is consistent with one of the observations that has been made in this forum re causes of freezes) that at 5AM I could not place any calls (after the soft reset) because there was no signal. This is unusual in my location which usually has 5 bars. Soon the Sprint signal was restored and I could place calls.

    I now wonder whether the occasional awakenings to a frozen phone at that location was caused by some disruption in the Sprint signal and not any app. or bad data base file??? I note that my wife's 755p has also frozen on rare occasions and she has NO non-native apps and does not "push" her phone much.

    Curiouser and curiouser.

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    Usually a corrupted db results in a soft reset, rather than a freeze.

    If you haven't, update your PRL, which may help with the lower signal issue some.
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    My freezes have increased as well but I think it's due to the Versamail 4.01. It seems to only freeze when I'm coming in or out of email. It seems to freeze all of the time if I go into Versamail, the screen goes off, and I turn it on by pressing another hot key.

    The only way I can do it right is to turn it on by pressing the red button and THEN press a hotkey (like home or phone or something).

    I'd go back to 3.5.5 if I could, but I don't think I can.
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    4.0.1 is a manual update, so you should be able to delete it and the ROM version (3.5.5 for 1.0.7) will still be there, since you can't get rid of the ROM version.

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