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    Backstory... I had a 650 for a while (2 years and a few months). It was a good phone, but it was getting beaten and dated, and I was ready to get a new one.

    After getting tired of waiting for the 800w to show up (on Sprint most likely, when I have Verizon), I decided to go to the VZW store and see what they had to offer. Much to my surprise, I walked out of there with a Verizon (HTC) SMT5800. I was fairly wowed by the small size, clear screen (although smallish), and cool slide out feature. After several hours of frustration trying to figure out how to get push e-mail on it (I eventually succeeded in this by using a third party app called Seven, which works really well), I was already determined not to keep the phone. But, I kept it for 3 or 4 more days just to get a feel.

    By this afternoon, I had made my decision, the same decision, on more peaceful and well-established terms. I liked the SMT5800, with Windows Mobile 6, for several reasons. Windows mobile has a pleasant interface, but it's slow at times. The voice activation feature is great. Bluetooth was basically flawless (imagine!). Lots of other nifty things that Palm still hasn't gotten their grip on. But I despised the text entry form factor. Using the numeric keypad on the front is just like having a regular cell phone, and sliding the phone open to use the QWERTY keypad is just annoying. Plus, you have to use two hands to painstakingly type on the QWERTY pad. It made me long for my treo! I also quickly learned that the availability of cool third party apps for WM is not nearly as good as Palm OS.

    So, despite spending an extra $50 (for about $400 total, YIKES), I pulled the trigger on a VZW 755p. It's charging at the moment. I'm sure it won't feel too too different from my 655 but I already like the form factor, and I'm sure I'll feel all warm and cozy inside to see the familiar palm OS screen!
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    2 handed keyboard gets really annoying. Just make sure you check if they have any rebates or anything like that:


    (just googled that so I dunno if it's useful)
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    Thanks... I should have said that price actually includes a $50 rebate, which has already been submitted.
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    Now if they would just get AGPS up and running so people can use free gps from google maps My Location!
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    Clean Install !!

    Do not just directly sync to your 650 userid.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Perry Holden View Post
    Clean Install !!

    Do not just directly sync to your 650 userid.

    Cheers, Perry.
    Haha, don't worry, I wouldn't do that. The only thing I'm copying is my contacts, which I wisely archived from my 650 prior to dumping palm desktop and reinstalling it. I imported the archive into my brand spankin new Palm Desktop username. Everything else gets built up from scratch (that's clearly the one that matters most though).

    Question... Do any/all of the old apps I had on my 650 still work on this phone? I had a paid-up version of Chatter, the LED-off app, the keyboard backlight app (name?), and several others.

    Any other useful apps I haven't caught onto lately? The one thing I did like about that SMT5800 was the voice activation, which could be done via bluetooth... is there any way to do this on the palm OS?
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    VoiceDial by VoiceSignal for voice commands. Activate it by the side button, works well. I do not believe you can activate it via Bluetooth but you may be able to answer it's prompts via bluetooth.
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    Most of those paid apps should work no problem on the 755. I just upgraded from 650 to 755 also and had ChatterEmail on the 650 (plus a ton of other stuff) I did a clean install of the programs one at a time and Chatter works just as flawlessly on the 755. Be sure you have the newest versions before installing. enjoy your new phone!
    Sprint Treo 755p (blue) with SanDisk 2GB miniSD card. some of my apps installed: TakephOne, DateBk6, 2Day, 4Cast, BellTime 1.0, Palm PDF, Pocket Tunes Deluxe, Kinoma 4, TCPMP, Webmessenger, Card Reader, Slingplayer Mobile, Mobipocket Reader, PS Memo, Virtual Piano, Resco Backup, Cleanup, Uninstall, Destaller, Virtual Piano, Favogo, Snap, Thesaurus, TryDA, Colorize, ChatterEmail, DBFixit, Icon Manager, Noah Pro Dictionary, zLauncher, FileZ, RNS Cuckoo Clock, 25 games.
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    I changed my hotsync ID when I switched from a 650 to the 755 and needed to go back to all of the software makers for new registration codes. Most now associate your hotsync ID with the code so the old one won't work. It was tedious, but effective. I know I don't have any old program data filling up the new phone. Congrats on the upgrade and good luck on your migration. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the phone.
    11+ yrs w/ a Palm: It's come a long way!

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