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    At times, Versamail becomes noticeably slower and more unstable (causing frequent resets). The only pattern I've noticed is that it has happened more frequently since I've installed the VM updater and that it tends to be when one of messages in my Inbox contains an attachment.

    1. Has anyone else noticed this problem?
    2. Any known fixes?
    3. Does anyone have a definitive list of what files were installed by the VM updater (I'd like to remove them and revert to the ROM version)? I can hard reset but have a lot of other programs installed that I would have to manually reinstall if I didn't just use a restore program (in which case the updated VM files would also be restored).
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    how many emails do you have in your inbox?

    I have about 20 emails, a bunch with .doc and .pdf attachments, plus two separate gmail slow downs, lags or any issue to speak of...

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    I generally don't have many in my Inbox, but I am using EAS.
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    Have you done the update for Versamail as of yet? I have done it and have not had any problems as of yet with Versamail. I did have problems before, but not now. Here is the link
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    Yes, my problems only started after installing that updater...
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    Try Chattermail. It's more robust and more stable.
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