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    Has anyone tried to use the new mini Opera browser? It requires IBM websphere which is no longer available for download from Palm. I downloaded it websphere and mini opera browser. This browser supposedly gives you the ability to navigate web sites like a real browser. Here is the descriptions of what it does from the web site.

    "Opera Mini 4 enables you to take your full web experience and digital lifestyle with you everywhere you go. Whether you want to access your mail, RSS feeds or bank information, Opera Mini is a quick and secure way to get your data on the go. Opera Mini 4 also delivers several new features for quicker scrolling, navigation and page rendering."

    You can get it from here: Go to the link and download it to your phone. I tried and I'm having problems with running it on the Centro. Just wondering if anyone else tried it yet.
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    Actually the problems span from the JVM being a total place of monkey doo doo. You can get it to run somewhat stable by messing with the java settings, but still, be prepared to take out the battery when the damn thing freezes.

    I would rather wait for the new version of "Universe" browser which David Kirker is working on right now and which should be out sometime this spring (i hope) Its going to be webkit based, just like safari.

    PS you can sort of enable viewing pages "like on a computer" by going into "Options" "Wide Page Mode"

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