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    Each time I attempt to go online I get a reset. When I check for the cause of the reset using the ##377 keys, it indicates the following:

    Line:403, illegal
    instruction 818f at
    address 730A47D4

    Does anyone know what this means or how I can fix it? Thanks in advance for any assistance or info.
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    Try a hard reset.
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    Thanks did that when I upgraded my Palm software and it still happens. I think some program is already sending info when I try to access the web.
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    What if you try to load Blazer if you aren't connected to Power Vision yet?
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    I get the reset prior to Blazer loading or connecting to Power Vison. It occurs right after I click the Web Icon. I think something else is already connected or it triggers something else to attempt to connect at the same time. Strange
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    Check your RAM folder for Soma Launcher and 3 other files with it. You can use Files or Resco Explorer to do this.

    Also, check the default Palm launcher for a Smaato folder.....

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    The Soma products? Spyware or advertisement stuff, but to cause a reset? I think he needs to do a backup then execute a hard reset with nothing installed and see what happens.

    After the hard reset, do not install anything and see what happens. If it does not reset, then install the applications one at a time. Ben
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    Assuming you aren't running the apps mentioned above, I think a hard reset or a backup restore might be in order, since I don't know of any way to restore or re-install the Blazer app or databases since it's in the ROM and I don't think you can download the latest individually.
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    Thanks all for the input

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