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    my smartphone is aggravated with its not-smart user. I'm trying to do something as juvenile as drawing on a picture and mary claire(my centro) is saying not enough memory to perform this task. I've got a 2GB card installed with 250 pictures on it. What can I do to create/free up memory? Gosh, all I wanted to do was draw a mustache and unibrow on my wifes picture and bluetooth it to her. Is that too much to ask?
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    IDK why that doesn't work, do you have a lot of apps running or something? I assume the pic was from the Centro cam? Do you have other issues like on the Internet that some people have? I just tried it and it works so something is going on with your phone.
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    It sounds like you have accidentally saved some pics on the phone and not the card. Generally I hear of people saving mulitmedia files to the device when they intend to be saving to the card. I would double check and make sure all your multimedia files are in deed on the card.
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    Yep mine works fine too.
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    Still a problem. I took the card out and went to pics. Only one appeared (i just saved it from an email yesterday) and I was able to draw on it. I put the card back in and went to all pics,chose one, and tried to draw on it. Failure..."not enough memory to perform this task". Anyone?
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    Launch the Media application, copy photos to card, then delete those photos from internal memory.
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    Have you taken the time to determine how much free memory you have? If you open the pics application and see bunches of pictures that are on the device itself, then MOVE them to the card and that will free up memory also, email attachments, et cetera.

    From the first message though, it looks like if you did not set the camera application up when taking the photo to go to the card, those 250 pics are in main memory.

    Before taking a picture I set the camera application to a specific folder to save the picture to.


    A free file browser such as FileZ helps, if there is enough memory at this stage to install it.

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    Another thing to check is the size of the picture you're trying to draw on. If it was taken using the Centro's built-in camera it should work fine, however if you received it from elsewhere it may be a huuuuuge pic which will cause the problem you're having.
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    Okay Checkmate, maybe that's the problem. These are pictures I've imported from Picasa that I took on my digital camera. The details screen shows them to be about 925KB in size. Way too huuuuge? Thanks all for the posts. I just wish I could get around a little better on this phone. Maybe in time.
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    That is quite large for the Centro's small amount of RAM to handle, once you start zooming in and drawing on it etc. You'll need to shrink them to about a quarter of the size ideally, which shouldn't be a problem if you're just sending them to phones with small screens anyway.
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    Yeah, trying to edit a 1mb pic on a palm is probably a bit outside of its limits.
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    Most photos are compressed when they are stored to a file and de-compressed when you view/edit them.

    If I look at picture that I took with my Centro, I see it's disk size is 260KB, but in memory it is 3.75MB (this is a 1280x1024 pixel image)

    One from our other camera (1536 x 2048 pixels) is 875 KB on disk and 9.00 MB in memory. I am guessing the image you are trying to edit is even a higher pixel count and > 9.00 MB in memory.

    (BTW...I used the GREAT free Win32 program called Infranview to find the above info. Infranview also does a great job resizing images to a smaller size -- great for the Centro)
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