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    I am interested in buying the Palm Bluetooth Keyboard, but the Centro is not listed as a compatible device. I can't imagine it not working, but I want to avoid the hassle of ordering it and returning it if it does not work. Does anyone have any experience with this combination... does it work OK?

    Thanks in advance,

    Chad Garrett

    Chad Garrett
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    Not 100% sure about Palm's keyboard. I called Palm's main number a few wekks ago and they said, "No", because it wasn't listed. I then called out local airport's Palm store. They said that the Palm keyboard is essentially the Freedom Universal Bluetooth Keyboard (pictures do look alike online) and that it should work.

    It might've been fine, but I went instead with the Think Outside / iGo Stowaway Bluetooth Keyboard (aka, Stoway Sierra). (Not the Ultra-Slim; that one doesn't have a number row).

    The company's website sill doesn't have the Centro listed when you try to update the driver, but I've downloaded the one for the 755p, and it works fine. (The most recent one works best). And Amazon has it for $88

    It feels like a laptop keyboard, so it's definitely not the same as a regular full size, but it works great.
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    Thanks for the info. I think I might give it a try and order it soon. Palminfocenter says they installed it on a Treo 755p, and it is not supported either, but appears to work just fine.

    Chad Garrett

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