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    I paired my treo 680 with BMW bluetooth and nokia headset
    When I got an incoming call / dialing a number, it will not connect to the bluetooth automatically. I have to press nokia button to actually speak via bluetooth, and there is no button to press in BMW

    So I have to delete one of the trusted device

    It is back to normal with the bmw bluetooth after I have deleted nokia as a trusted device.
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    I am a little confused...are both deviced on at the same time or are you turning the Nokia off when you are in your car?
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    i always turn off the nokia when I am in the car

    when treo connects to bmw, it is actually connected (it has the headset symbol on the top) ,when i made a call, the call is not actually directed to the car's bluetooth

    when treo is connected to nokia headset, same thing happens, the only difference is that i direct the call to the nokia headset by pressing the button on the bluetooth

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