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    As the owner of a 2MB Visor and an 8mb memory module, I'd like to use the memory in the module for digital photo storage. What are some of the photo album programs you have used, and a: have you used them with the 8mb memory module, and b: did you like the software?
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    I had use Album to Go 2.0 and Splash Photo.
    I think Splash photo is better, because the pictures are smoother than the Album to Go 2.0 Pictures. I think the they use an excellent AntiAliasing technique.
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    I should have added "syncing to a G3 powerbook with OS 9.1"
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    Originally posted by Hawthorne
    I should have added "syncing to a G3 powerbook with OS 9.1"
    Both Album To Go and Splash Photo work on the Mac.
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    If you're going to use ATG on a monochrome screen, I suggest you email Stephen Walker ( or Club Photo's support and ask for ATG 1.04; they'll email it right to you. It works just fine, and the pics are much smaller once converted; (very nice if you only have a Visor Solo). Another thing you may consider installing along with this is a Hackmaster hack called NoStreak, or another hack along those lines (no pun intended).

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