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    I recently set up my new treo 700p to send and receive emails from my comcast acccount using the Versa Mail program.

    When I send a message from my treo the recipient receives a message that includes like 12 lines of more or less gibberish about the versa mail system before the message I sent is even noticed. A bunch of stuff about copyright and version and content type, priority and decoding...

    How do I set this up so that the message I send from my treo is simple and neat like the one you send from a blackberry? I just want the message to be what I typed, not all that other junk.

    Thanks for any help and responses. I hope there is a solution to this that has thus far eluded me.

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    I did a hard reset on my treo and then did a sync with my desktop. I had to re-enter my email info in the versa mail system. Now that jibberish message went away and my emails are nice and clean. Problem solved somehow. Go figure...

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