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    This is my first post. My wife just recently got a Centro. I have been using an iPaq for several years with a BT GPS receiver and TomTom. I thought I would place TomTom on her Centro and get her a BT GPS. I got her a Navibe GB735 since it was listed here as well as other web sites as being compatiable with the Centro. When I try to pair with Centro with it. NOTHING!! The Centro will not see it. I have tried my iPaq and it finds it just fine. As of yet, the Centro has not found any bluetooth devices when I know they are in range. Any thoughts? Guess it's time to head to the sprint store.
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    What happens, do you get an error message?
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    No errors. Just a empty scan list. It finds nothing.
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    I used to have a Palm Treo 700wx with Windows Mobile and it pairs with my BT gps receiver fine. But with the new Palm Centro, I can't find the receiver in the range either by "search for handfree device" or "search for PCs". What is wrong here? What shall I do to make it work? Thanks!

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