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    hi. sometimes I have a hard time hearing and i've using some jamba corded headset during a "quiet" conversation. the corded headset is pretty loud, I put the volume @ 25% or 50% on my treo 700wx.

    for convenience purposes, I like to play with a bluetooth headset. I picked up a plantronics 815. it has an "earplug" design to seal in the sound better. it seals the sound nicely but the volume isn't that loud.

    can anyone make any suggestions on a bluetooth headset with a loud volume? or will all bluetooth headsets have the same volume? my corded jabra was pretty damn loud...

    thanks. I have a treo 700wx.
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    I don't know if the Motorola S9 qualifies as loud per se, but when I use it at the gym (with my 650, Audio Gateway & pTunes) it does a good job for me.

    Most notably at the gym I noticed that I cannot hear whatever music is blasting in the weight room but have no problems with my headset pumping tunes into my ears.

    I also have had no problems hearing people when talking on the phone either.
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    The headset that comes with the Plantronics Calisto is the loudest I have used...I have to turn it way down most of the time. Too bad they do not sell it separately.

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