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    Hi all.
    I've been a Treo 650 user for the past 4 years.
    I've managed to get Verizon to keep giving me refirbished 650s for about a year and a half, and today I broke down and got the 755p.
    It's a nice feel in my hand, easy on the eyes and I love the fast internet.

    The most important thing to me is having Goodlink.
    On my 650 I never had one issue, and I'm hoping that once I get it on the new 755p my luck will continue.

    What brings me here is the problem I'm having installing it.
    I've deleted and restarted this process 4 times so far and I'm running out of ideas.
    On my Palm, I go to "" and dowload the "OTA setup"

    I then follow all of the directions as far as entering my email address, and new PIN that my IT guy supplied me today.
    The whole installation takes place, they ask me what phone service I use, I say Verizon.
    Then when it gets to the part where I go get the goodlink icon out of Applications, (and all the icons are in there, BTW) I get the normal
    "initializing good link...." message. (it seems good a this point)

    However, his stays up on the screen until the screen goes into sleep mode.
    If I keep hitting the 5 way navigator to keep the phone busy and preventing it from going to sleep mode, the "initializing good link...." message just stays there until I let it go to sleep.

    One more thing, if I hit the "power end" button and try it again, I get a blank white screen without the "initializing good link...." message on it.

    I'm looking for some help and this seems like the place to come.
    Sorry if it seemed like I was blabbing, I just wanted to supply everything so that helping me wouldn't be such a pain.

    Thanks in advance.
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    55 people have read this and nobody knows?
    that sucks.
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    Are you selecting the 600 version or the just plain palm os version?

    first delete goodlink and all files that come with it then hotsync then do a hard reset then try to install again.

    just keep trying.
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    Can you ask your IT guy which version you are allowed to download?

    I think, the 755p wasn't supported unitl (or 37). If it is an older version, it may exhibit the problems that you experience.
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    thanks to both of you.
    The Good link version was the issue.
    The whole time I was pulling my hair out installing and installing and installing, our IT guy had to upgrade the version we are all using.
    Now we have the newest version of Goodlink and my 755 is working like the bad-*** that I knew it was.

    Thanks Again.

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