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    OK, so I busted my perfect 650 the other day and immediately bought a replacement. I now understand why about 2 years ago everyone was enraged about reset problems.

    The new 650's about 3 days away from hitting the trash.

    I'm thinking about the new GSM Centro, but I need to know that it's stable - especially the phone. 1 hang/reset a month is too much, if it effects the phones ability to receive incoming calls.

    So if any CDMA users got time, could they let me know their experience?
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    I've had about 3 resets in 4 or 5 months (whenever it first came out). Each of those was right after installing a new app. I have around 35 apps installed and use Versamail with EAS.
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    I still don't have any apps installed, not even a card. I started having problems about a week ago, I got the WSOD once and I couldn't get the screen to turn on several times in two days. The battery is always at least 50% charged. That made me a little nervous since I wasn't expecting that or know what caused it?
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    A low signal strength will cause the device to "hang up" or respond much, much slower than normal and will also cause the battery to discharge quicker. Ben
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    I'm very happy about stability. For some reason it didn't like Handbase so I switched to Smartlisttogo with no probs. I also installed:


    and don't have any resets. Had a problem once with On Demand, but fixed that by deleting sports database and letting it update a fresh one.
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    Hate to say this but. I've had Palm OS device since they started coming out. I've owned windows mobile and symvian devices. They all need reset. Just depends on how much you use it. I have a WM 750, it needs reset about 2 times a day to work effectively. my 680 redet once aday at least because of the backup progrm I use. You can't worry about resets. they happen. its the software that killz the phone.
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    Don't know if this is what you are asking but, My 650 on verizon would reset and leave the phone off after the reset. My centro on Sprint automatically starts the phone after a reset.
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    crashes are a part of having a smartphone. it doesn't matter which platform you are on, there will always be third party software that may cause instability. if you are concerned about having crashes, don't install any third party programs and/or add them one by one slowly to see if any cause issues. opera mini is the only reason my 755p crashes and I've got a ton of progs. ymmv
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    imo, the Centro is very stable

    What can effect that stability is two-fold
    • Software not updated for the Centro
    • Too many apps "running in the background"

    The first is obvious but the second really gets a lot of people in trouble. The PalmOS can somewhat handle some memory resident programs, but when you start to stack them--it can get ugly. Running things like zLauncher, Butler, PowerHero, Chatter, Mundu, some weather app and iSkoot (for example) can really stress the system.

    So you have to find a balance--think of it as the Tao of PalmOS

    Having said that, I run Treolauncher, Versamail, Butler, PowerHero, Colorize, CallRec and PhoneSwitch and my device is solid as a rock.

    BTW, if you get the WSOD when using Blazer--clear the cache. I guarantee you have some cache on there that is script intensive or just bad.

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    I agree. I've had my Centro for 3 months now, and it has only reset while messing around in ptunes. I think thats happened maybe 3 times, and it was most likely a ptunes issue with buffer overloading, than a centro issue.

    That said, I do a soft reset every night before I go to bed... call it preventative maintenance, I guess.
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    Mine has been very stable as well. It crashes about one per two weeks.

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